We're an active congregation in North Windsor, Wisconsin




At North Windsor United Methodist Church, we have services for all. In addition to our traditional services held each Sunday, we have the following services and activities:

Sunday School

Following worship each Sunday, there are worship study opportunities for children and adults. For more information, please contact Sharon Saeger at 608.846.2295

Small Group Study

Come and join our group study. Please contact Ken Saeger at 608.846.2295 for more information including materials and meeting schedule.

Prayer Requests

Contact North Windsor at 414.916.7341 or patriciatnwumc@outlook.com for prayer needs or to arrange a visit.

Wedding and Funeral

Church facilities are available for services upon request Please contact Pastor or one of our trustees for details and scheduling.


Accountable Leadership Chairperson

Ann Hoskins
P: 608.212.5827
E: ahoskins@vitaplus.com

Sunday School Superintendant

Sharon Saeger
P: 608.846.2295
E: sksaeger@charter.net

Financial Secretary

Ann Hoskins
P: 608.212.5827
E: ahoskins@vitaplus.com

Pastor Patricia Tristan

M: 414.916.7341
E: patriciatnwumc@outlook.com

Worship Committee Chairperson

Diane Meixner
P: 608.846.2620
E: chapelviewdairy@aol.com



7523 S Meixner Rd
DeForest, WI 53532
P: 608.576.7369
E: nwumchurch@outlook.com
P: 414.916.7341
E: patriciatnwumc@outlook.com

Worship Materials